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Simplify our lives, meet new friends, climb new crags. Go Goose Go.

San Francisco in Moigny-sur-école

Château de Fontainebleau

It took us 5 hours to get from Calais to Fontainebleu.  Well, not really Fontainebleau, actually Moigny-sur-école, a small town on the outskirts. There was a plan to meet our good friends, Ginny and Marykate, who were staying in a gite close to the climbing.  Upon arrival, we parked our van on the street and knocked on the door of the address we were given.  A man came out, looking a bit confused. In my broken French, I asked about our American friends.  He had not seen our friends, nor were they staying at his house. At this point, we had no phone, no wi-fi (wee-fee en francais), no way to contact our friends.  I remembered seeing a phone booth in town, so we decided to attempt to make one last contact. We drove over to the phone, parked and as we are getting out of the car, we see a car pull up next to us. We are about to get out when we hear someone yelling at us. We look over and see Daniel Won waving to us from his rental car.  Our friends found us!

As it turns out, Daniel noticed a van with California plates parked outside while pulling into the courtyard of the gite. He did not think much of it but mentioned his observation to the others (Ginny, MaryKate, Chris and Dave). Immediately, Ginny sent him out to find us.  As luck would have it, the van was no longer there.  He decided to drive through town to see if he could locate us, the phonebooth being his first stop. And voila, we were found!

The gite has a large courtyard, a perfect place for parking the Iron Goose. Thankfully, we have had a house and a large space to reorganize our lives prior to truly living on the road. The first 5 days staying with our friends at the gite has been the most incredible start to our new life.  We have had a wonderful time visiting with our friends; climbing (climbing in Font is phenomenal), eating (although, we could do with less cheese, baguettes and croissants and Daniel's insistence on getting more every morning) and socializing (the conversation and companionship has been indispensable).

It feels like a small part of San Francisco has come with us to bid us farewell and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Thank you Ginny Evans, MaryKate Meyerhoffer, Chris Deegan, Dave Alfaro and Daniel Won for making our first stop the best ever!

Greetings from Font, Corinne

Day 1 in the forest