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Raw Tips

Well, we finally have climbed in Fontainebleau. Though we have been here for 12 days, I have climbed a total of 6 days, while Steve has climbed 7. Together we climbed the following areas: Isatis, Petit Bois and Rocher Canon. The day that I went to Paris with Ginny, Steve stayed and climbed with MaryKate and went Boutier. Though it was raining on Ginny and I in Paris, MK and Steve were able to head south and escape it; the farther south they went, the better the weather.

Even with 6 days under my belt, my skin is only just beginning to feel ready for these sandstone boulders. Font's circuits are a completely new way for me to approach bouldering. I love that I have no idea what level I am climbing and that I just know that I will feel best with red and blue and a few white...sure, I have attempted one or two off-piste problems but to absolutely no avail; I just figured that I can always try.

Bouldering here is hard; it is techy and the feet are rarely bomber but I am learning. I actually love it. Much better for me than the overhanging and thrutchy moves in Vegas or Bishop. Mantles are tough but this is the best place for me to learn and s l o w l y, I am getting better.

~a bien tot Corinne

I have wanted to come to Fontainebleau since I first slid off a sandstone sloper at Castle Rock State Park in California back in 2000. It has taken me 12 years to finally make it here, albeit at the tail end of the season, but dagnabbit I am finally made it. I am made for this climbing. Body tension, surface area and reach, coupled with technique, finesse, and patience and are the name of the game here. I certainly have the former; the latter can be mastered for a lifetime. My big mitts are happily at home on the brain like bulges of this beautiful forest. Font has it's fair share of crimps, but almost every boulder presents you with a rounded top out, void of holds and begging to be mantled. My triceps have not been this sore from climbing in some time; gotta do more pushups...

The weather has been wet, rainy and humid or sunny, hot and humid. The perfect conditions for sanding your tips down to pink tender nubs after repeated failed attempts to hit a sloper you swear exists, but your hand simply can't find. It may have been better sending conditions two months ago, but the evenings are on the warm side and rest days are comfortable in the Goose, so we can't really complain. Font is massive. We have been to several sectors, explored others and have barely touched the surface. It is overwhelming. I could climb here for a lifetime. As it stands we only have a few more days here before we drive to Freiburg to meet our friends Scott and Kaddi. Hopefully the weather will hold and we will get in a few more days of crushing. I guess we will just have to come back in the Fall. :)


Below are some more pics from Corinne. There would be some of her, but I am generally spotting...

Having a great day at the base of Rainbow Rocket in Franchard Isatis.

Serious about sending. Which can be seen below!

[wpvideo ohFYCS4C]