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Random Ramblings 1: Italian Internet...Fail.

I have traveled to southeast Asia, southern Africa, and central and south America. Some of those places may be little behind the times, but they are at least savvy to this thing called cyberspace. Italy on the other hand is 10-15 years behind the times. In some ways this is a wonderful thing. Corinne does not waste time on Facebook. I don't waste time reading the Samba. We both step a little further from our dependency on our digital lives. It was part of the motivation of this trip, right? On the other hand, we decided to blog about our exploits. So when we go to a cafe in the very center of Milan and ask someone where to find WIFI or internet access and they look at us like we are from Mars, it can be a little frustrating. Italy - great food, amazing art and architecture, crappy internet.

Bear with us, the posts are coming.