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Random ramblings #3

I hate the rain... I do not like the weather here...Europe, I mean. We arrived in Europe in April, so rain seemed pretty normal. The old saying goes April showers brings May flowers which is all fine and well but hell, we have had so much friggin rain on our Font, it rained every single day, sometimes only a little shower and the rock dried later on or sometimes, a shower late in the day after a morning sess but nonetheless, rain every single day.

In Freiburg, it rained too...yes, we got to enjoy two days of climbing but it rained two or three of our five days there.

In Trieste, it also rained almost every day. Again, sometimes in the morning and then dried out or later in the day after some climbing, but still rain.

By the time we reached Hvar, the rain had already passed (the silver lining of our registration debauchle - it rained for five days straight when we were originally supposed to be there). I believe we only got one or two days of afternoon rain. Of course, one of them was the day that Steve had his eyes set on finishing an 8a+ at Vela Stiniva but nature won out and denied him his send.

Italy, more rain...a LOT of rain in Zandobbio, which is why most of our days were filled with admin and spending time with Laura and Guilia (which we were thrilled to do).

No rain in Finale, just hot and sticky, which is almost as bad but at least, we were still able to do morning sessions on the rock...

Magic Wood...a lot of rain...luckily, there were still enough days to get in some bouldering.

And now, rain in Nuremberg...which is why I am writing right now and not climbing...

Let me explain. I actually love rain and truly enjoy spending days indoors when it's raining but we are traveling in a van AND we are climbers, we want to climb rocks, but can only do so effectively when the rock is dry. Right now, we are lucky enough to be staying with friends in Nuremberg, Germany and are able to enjoy the comforts of a home while it pours incessantly outside but our plans, as of last night, was to go climbing today in Frankenjura, at an easier crag where I could climb some 10's and get in some mileage...but alas, no climbing today, rain.